Burlesque To Broadway

  • Quinn Lemley is MORE than a bunch of burly-q bumps and grinds and glittering, sexy costumes. She has an affinity for brassy classics and a winning personality that reaches far, far across the footlights...She not only turns the heat up in Burlesque to Broadway but also winningly DELIVERS THE GOODS!
  • Lemley is so good, so tight, so mysterious, this experience becomes a revelation.”
  • “Quinn takes you on a trip to the land from which you wont want to return. Her voice is crystal clear, sweet, sexy and full of energy. This lady sizzles!"
  • “Lemley brings burlesque something it never had before: great songs and first class singing!"
  • “A musical extravaganza"
  • “Dazzling! Breathtaking!"
  • “Perfection! Quinn brings down the house -magical"
  • “Delivers the goods"
  • “Quinn is without a doubt a star"
  • “The record is a milestone"
  • “Dazzling…one show stopping number after another"
  • “More energy the times square...excellent!"
  • “Dazzling display! Lemley is a star. She can sing, dance & crack a joke while seemly performing just for you"
  • “Lightning-in-a-bottle survey of American burlesque -- Lemley leading a tight-knit coterie of showgirls through heart-racing choreography, in eye-popping costumes -- supported by a razor-sharp live band Burlesque to Broadway is a highly revealing celebration of 
American burlesque from a century ago to now."

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“she’s made burlesque better than it ever was…this album is a milestone”

-Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal