Burlesque To Broadway

"Hats off to Burlesque to Broadway,

a real show stopper!"

 -NYCTourist.com, the leaders in NYC tourism and travel.




  • Quinn Lemley is MORE than a bunch of burly-q bumps and grinds and glittering, sexy costumes. She has an affinity for brassy classics and a winning personality that reaches far, far across the footlights...She not only turns the heat up in Burlesque to Broadway but also winningly DELIVERS THE GOODS!
  • Lemley is so good, so tight, so mysterious, this experience becomes a revelation.”
  • “Quinn takes you on a trip to the land from which you wont want to return. Her voice is crystal clear, sweet, sexy and full of energy. This lady sizzles!"
  • “Lemley brings burlesque something it never had before: great songs and first class singing!"
  • “A musical extravaganza"
  • “Dazzling! Breathtaking!"
  • “Perfection! Quinn brings down the house -magical"
  • “Delivers the goods"
  • “Quinn is without a doubt a star"
  • “The record is a milestone"
  • “Dazzling…one show stopping number after another"
  • “More energy the times square...excellent!"
  • “Dazzling display! Lemley is a star. She can sing, dance & crack a joke while seemly performing just for you"
  • “Lightning-in-a-bottle survey of American burlesque -- Lemley leading a tight-knit coterie of showgirls through heart-racing choreography, in eye-popping costumes -- supported by a razor-sharp live band Burlesque to Broadway is a highly revealing celebration of 
American burlesque from a century ago to now."

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A FIVE ALARM FIRE is sizzling with the hard hitting iconic theatrical concert BURLSQUE TO BROADWAY starring QUINN LEMLEY backed by her back-up divas and live hot big band. Vanity Fair say’s “She delivers the goods!” Audiences call her the “Queen” and “The Iconic Face and Voice!” “A Voice so beautiful you could listen to her all night” says Culture Mob. A lady so deliciously glamorous and talented she “Dazzles with her voice and versatility!” Asbury Park Press - and with The Village Voice’s endorsement of her “Drop dead Gorgeous Glam Appeal” is not a question. Now is your chance to get up close and personal with the one and only, most glamorous lady on stage today in BURLESQUE TO BROADWAY starring QUINN LEMLEY. Bridging the musical might between the worlds of burlesque, Broadway and beyond, this concert takes you to a time and place where variety ruled with glamour, powerful vocals, hit music and seductive dance.

She has toured the country to ovational roars for three and half years in top theatres and casinos in North America. Now prepare yourself to be mesmerized with one explosive hit song after another with glamorous costumes by Wendall Goings, Rock of Ages, hot orchestrations by Bette Midler’s arranger, Steve Rawlins and Quinn’s powerful vocals set with seductive harmonies and sexy choreography by David Eggars with directing consultant and Tony Award Winner, Joe Hardy, Burlesque To Broadway is driven like a Ferrari with jokes, pokes, boas and mesmerizing spectacle. She has what it takes to hold a jaded teenagers attention for two hours while admiring wolves gaze at the stage.

This is the ultimate celebration of women and all who love their power, glamour, beauty and intelligence. Quinn brings it all together with diverse songs from Irving Berlin to Leslie Gore: She’s a Lady by Tom Jones, Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker, My Heart Belongs To Daddy by Cole Porter and many surprises. Get out your sequins feathers and fans and come celebrate with the ultimate event in your city, BURLESQUE TO BROADWAY starring QUINN LEMLEY!


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